Application form for the AMI Primary Teacher Training

Obligatory registration for the AMI Montessori Primary Teacher Training (3-6) January 2nd 2023-July 12th 2024.
Organiser: Finnish Montesssori Training Organisation (Suomen Montessori – koulutus tmi, VAT number FI 1788319-6) according to the requirements (studies and exams) of the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale)

Fee: 7600€ + VAT 24% (in instalments). With one payment before the course starts the amount will be 7400€+VAT 24%

The student is responsible of possible visa, travels, lodging and other costs.

Non refundable registration fee, 500€+ALV24% (=620€), is paid at the registration to
Suomen Montessori-Koulutus, Huhtakoukku 11 I, 02340 Espoo, Finland
Bank: Nordea
Account: IBAN -number: FI79 1112 3000 337 334
Invoice is sent for the payment.

If you withdraw from the course before starting 2.1.2023 you need to pay the registration fee and the first instalment.

In case of quitting the course the already paid instalments will not be returned.
If the student withdraws from the course after 9th of July 2023 the whole payment is required.

You can participate either using the electronic form below or using the printable form.

    Osallistujan tiedot | Information of the applicant *

    Lähiomainen | Contact person in emergency

    Maksaja, mikäli eri kuin yllämainittu | Payer (if not the same as the applicant)

    Maksaja sitoutuu koulutusmaksun suorittamiseen erillisen maksuaikataulun mukaisesti | The student is responsible of possible visa, travels, lodging and other costs.

    Liitteet | Attach

    Hyväksyn ehdot | I accept the terms

    Olen lukenut ilmoittautumislomakkeessa olevat peruutusehdot ja hyväksyn ne | I have read the requirements and I accept them

    Changes possible.
    Possible disagreements are solved in the district court of Espoo city, Finland.

    Information about the applicant is very important to us that is why we keep the application documents carefully at Finnish Montessori Training Organisation, Huhtakoukku 11 I, 02340 Espoo, Finland. After the course has ended the information will be destroyed. Applicant’s personal data will be sent as well to AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) excluding the possible personal identity number.