AMI 3-6 Diploma courses

The AMI Montessori courses are based on the philosophy, pedagogy and methods of Dr. Maria Montessori. The AMI diploma gives chance of a future jobs worldwide.

“Help me to do it by myself”

Maria Montessori

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AMI MONTESSORI 3-6 DIPLOMA COURSE, 2023-2024 -BLENDED COURSE- 2.1.2023-12.7.2024

Course language is Finnish, translated to English, ask Swedish translation as well.


Training is organized and run by the Finninsh Montessori Training Organisation

Finnish Montessori Training organisation (Suomen Montessori-koulutus tmi, Company number1788319-6) organizes the Primary Montessori course according to the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) course requirements which the student will accept in the beginning of the course.

International AMI Diploma

The mandatory parts which you need to pass/fulfil to get the Diploma:

  1. Written and oral exams
  2. Observation and Practice Teaching at Montessori preschools
  3. Written essays
  4. Montessori material manuals and some handmade materials (language, culture etc.)
  5. Full payment
  6. Attendance 90% (both online and onsite sessions)

To whom

You work as an Early childhood educator with degree, primary or elementary school teacher etc. Other educational backgrounds can be considered as well; nurse, BA, if you are suitable for working with the children. Be prepared for the interview.


To introduce the student to the Montessori pedagogy and to the Montessori materials, to their aims and use.

The student will learn to apply the knowledge of the method in her work in the future.


Marja Leena Tyrväinen

AMI Montessori Trainer (3-6v) Marja-Leena Tyrväinen
(Suomen Montessori-koulutus tmi).

Marja-Leena Tyrväinen has over 30 years of experience in teaching children at Primary level. She has a Finnish Early Childhood Education degree from university and in addition adult education studies. She has been an AMI Montessori Primary Trainer since 2001 directing trainings in Sweden and Switzerland as well as a co-directing courses in Romania, Denmark, Sweden and China. Of course, most of the trainings have taken place in Finland. She is as well an international examiner.

Tuition fee

The tuition fee is 7600 € + 24 % VAT. The tuition fee can be paid in instalments.

The tuition fee does not include literature, materials or lodging, travels, visas etc. The student is responsible on organizing own visa, travels, lodging etc.

Study days & Course place

Course place will be:
Pakila Montessori preschool (Pakilan Montessori-leikkikoulu)
Osuuskunnantie 29, 00660 Helsinki, Finland

Starting: 2.1. 2023


Year 2023:
Modul 1: 02.-07 (8).1.2023 (every day) online
Modul 2: 20.-25.2.2023 (every day) online
Modul 3: 29.5.-07.7.2023 (Monday-Friday) onsite for all
Moduli 4: 25.-29.9.2023 (every day) onsite for all

Year 2024:
Modul 5: 02-07.01.2024 (every day) onsite for all
Modul 6: 19.-23.02.2024 (every day) onsite for all
Moduli 7: 27.05.-12.07.2024. (Monday-Friday)
(Exams on this Modul) Modul onsite for all

Some onsite weeks might be organized online, information about this comes later
Course times are mostly daily at 10-17. Summer Modules are Monday-Friday.


600 h theory and working with the Montessori materials at the training centre:
Montessori pedagogy: philosophy and history

Montessori method:
Materials for Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Culture Observation 90h

Teaching Practice 80h-120h (depending on the experience) in AMI 3-6 Montessori environments

Project work

Manuals for each material areas are made as well as some language and culture materials.

Final Exams: Two written ones & Oral (Last Modul)


Maria Montessori:
The Absorbent Mind
The Secret of Childhood
The Discovery of the Child
The Formation of Man
To Educate the Human Potential
Advanced Montessori Method –Vol 1
Citizen of the World
Mario.M.Montessori Jr.: Education for Human Development
Mario Montessori: The Human needs and Tendencies, booklet

More information and applying through this email-address or ask an application form. Any questions that occur:

Changes are possible!

Welcome to do your training in Finland!